On October 18-19, 2013 the United Lutheran Mission Association (ULMA) held their fall meeting. Commission members from all three member congregations (Our Redeemer – Forsyth, IL, Pilgrim – Decatur, IL and Redeemer – St. Clair Shores, MI) met at Redeemer, who hosted the event. They were joined by the pastors from the mission churches, Rev. James Shaw from Agnus Dei Lutheran Church in Virginia and Rev. William C. Mack from Christ the Rock Lutheran Church in California.

The two-day event kicked off the afternoon of Friday, October 18th with a closed session meeting of the Commission members. The next day the open session was held, which included visitors from Illinois, the hosting congregation, and even Canada.

ULMA’s mission congregations presented their reports and reviewed their triumphs and struggles over the past six months. Confessional and conservative Lutheran Worship services, Bible study, and Sunday School on both coasts carry on unabated. Outreach efforts continue, with the best approach still being direct contact with family and friends, and word of mouth advertising. Door-to-door canvassing is proving to be less effective than in years past.

During the business portion of the meeting the financial reports were reviewed. As mentioned in the spring, funding is a challenge in these difficult economic times. The needs are constant, and we ask you to continue supporting our missions as the Gospel is proclaimed. Member congregations are the key for spiritual and material support of the ULMA mission work. The commission members and their congregations are pleased to have made a difference in our humble efforts.

One of ULMA’s reasons for existing is to find opportunities to establish and support confessional Lutheran congregations whose members and pastor share the Association’s theological position as expressed in our Constitution (found on our website). We are looking for YOU and your congregation to join ULMA. If you are interested in supporting our efforts, or wish to find out more about our Association, please contact us. Send an email to TheOffice@…. Check our website for more information: www.unitedlutheranmission.org.

The next general meeting will take place in early May 2014 near Cincinnati, Ohio. We will announce the details once they are finalized. Please continue to keep our missions and missionaries in your prayers.