On September 19, the United Lutheran Mission Association (ULMA) held their spring General Meeting Online due to COVID-19. ULMA Commission members from the two member congregations (Our Redeemer – Forsyth, IL, Pilgrim – Decatur, IL) attended the meeting. Christ the Rock Lutheran Church in California was represented by Rev. William C. Mack. Also present was Mike Bunch.

Being online, we missed being able to have dinner and conversation with fellow commission members, friends, family, and guests of the commission. We hope that our next meeting in the Spring of 2021 will be back to normal.

The Lord has blessed us with solid finances as we look forward to the years ahead. A budget was approved for 2021. We continue to pray that the Lord will send us opportunities to establish more Lutheran mission congregations in the United States.

The Officers for 2021 were elected. They are the following:
Alan Ruwe, Chairman
Greg Tish, Vice-Chairman
Greg Mills, Treasurer
Ron YaDeau, Secretary

It is with great sorrow to report that Redeemer St. Claire Shores is no longer participating in the United Lutheran Mission Association. We wish them well and keep them in our prayers.

Pastor Mack reported on our mission, Christ the Rock. They have recently experienced incredible growth. They have brought in 8 new members; Lutherans in California who have been looking for a Confessional Lutheran church. These contacts were made through live services through Zoom.

After that, more exciting news followed. During the Walther Theological Seminary (WTS) report, it was announced by the President of the Seminary that they are expecting two new students in the fall of 2021. This is a tremendous blessing as we look forward to the future of the ministry in both member and mission congregations.

Last year, the ULMA commission along with WTS hired Rev. Mack as a public Representative and Mike Bunch as an Internet Researcher. They have been working to promote and develop prospects for both organizations. Their report included efforts to reach out to traditional Lutheran pastors and congregations as well as prospective students in various educational institutions in the United States.

Our online meeting was certainly not the longest on record, but it was full of our Lord’s work. We are so very grateful to Him who has loved us through his one and only Son Jesus and the forgiveness of sins. And we continue to pray that by His Holy Spirit, He will continue to work mightily among us.