Is an ULMA Mission near you, or do you think one should be? We need dedicated Lutheran laity to help get missions started. It cannot be done without you.

Please consider sharing our “ULMA Constitution” and “Constitutional Guidelines for Mission Congregations” documents with others that feel the same. Point them to this website for more information. Have them check out our News Releases Archive to see ULMA in action. As our mission field grows and more churches are started, we need the time, talent, and treasures of like-minded individuals.

While the ULMA currently holds meetings only twice a year, and maybe not in your area, that does not prevent us from talking. Feel free to contact us by telephone, letter, or email. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you and explore how you may help.

If there is not an ULMA mission near you but perhaps you would like to help with monetary support that can easily be done. The ULMA does not handle any funds and has no manner to accept or disburse donations. However, member congregations of ULMA make a commitment to earmark mission funds to ULMA-recognized missions. If an individual wishes to help, they may do so in one of two ways. They can send a donation to one of ULMA’s member congregations, clearly indicating it’s for ULMA Missions (indicating a specific Mission if they wish). Or, if the Mission is already established with its own bank account, they can send their donation directly to the Mission. For a list of congregations that may accept your donations, please contact us.

As mission starts get underway, we will be in need of various items. Hymnals, altar material, music, etc. Check our website and news releases for notification of specific needs as they arise.

We also request your prayer support. ULMA is about the work of spreading the Word of God for the growth of His Kingdom. Without Him, nothing is accomplished.

Thank you!