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Observations on Selecting Mission Sites From the Book of Acts
By Rev. Jack Cascione

Life Without A Synod

ULMA’s first Forum was held at Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Decatur, Illinois on Saturday, October 17, 2009. The presentations were recorded and are made available here in MP3 format. Where there are occasional technical difficulties, we have noted them. The audio recording was such that while clear, the audio level is low. You may need to turn up your speakers a bit to hear it.

We have also included PDF copies of papers presented if available.

The Moderator for the Forum was Rev. William Abbott of Pilgrim Lutheran Church.

Agenda for the Forum

Our Reasons for Leaving the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, the Steps We Took and How We Prepared Our Members.

Alan Ruwe, Pilgrim Lutheran Church

Length 26:26 Summary | Slides
The Slides will open in a new browser window so you can scroll through them while listening to the talk.

Pastor Brock Abbott, Pilgrim Lutheran Church

Length 24:21 Paper

Frank Butkovich, Redeemer Lutheran Church, St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Followed by Q & A

Length 21:40


The United Lutheran Mission Association (ULMA) – Its Purpose, Its Goals and How It Functions.

Alan Ruwe

Length 17:17

Frank Butkovich

Length 09:43

Kurt Bickes
Legal concerns for congregations wishing to leave a Synod and for those wishing to start a congregation.

Length 37:16

Concluding Remarks, Prayer, and Blessing

Rev. William Abbott – Pilgrim Lutheran Church

Length 09:37
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, M. Luther
Organist: Dr. Ron Yadeau